The Death of a Christian


The Death of a Christian

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The Death of a Christian

How lovely is death, when, on Jesus reposing,

The soul can her trust in his mercy display:

When scenes of affliction and anguish are closing,

And angels stand waiting to bear her away!


She fears not fell Death, as the tyrant advances;

Her trust is in One who is mighty to save:

Faith points at her Saviour, and, as her eye glances,

She view a bright star through the gates of the grave.


By songs full of mercy her rapt ear is charm’d;

Display’d to her view are the portals above:

The monster, of all of his dread terrors disarm’d;

Mortality closes in triumph and love.


The conflict is ended. While weeping friends gather

Around the departed, their loss they  bewail:

The soul she is borne to the arms of a Father,

Where seraphim wait her arrival to hail.

Mary M. Colling, 1831

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