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It’s just six o’clock.

Nothing special about that.

But I’m missing brown eyes look at me,

Saying it’s dinner time, come on , get up , I’m wagging my tail, can’t you see?

I’m sat on the loo, that’s nothing new, but I’m missing the nose at the door, and sitting with paws on my knees…  why oh why, well Mummy’s just having a wee!

I close the dog flap, it’s a terrible draft, and it  never will it open again. I don’t have to worry about you in the cold, or stuck outside in the rain.

I wipe down the paw prints, and hoover your hairs, the smell of the dog bed all gone. But the room feels so empty, ill at ease, and bereft, it knows that something is wrong.

I sit by the cupboard that held all your treats, I’m sobbing my heart till I’m sore. I wish I could see you just once and again, you’d sniff at your cupboard once more.

I’ve found all your collars from puppy to now, I was with you from just six weeks old.

You healed all of us, from the very first day, you bought us all back from the cold.

Betty WE LOVE YOU, and we wish that we could have had many more years to show you.

Thank you our Pup, for lifting us up, you’ll never know what we owe you.

The hole that you leave in our hearts will not heal, we will just get accustomed I guess.

But for now, we will grieve , and always believe that you’re happy now you are at rest.


Wendy Body, 2018.


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